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IADA Welcomes You.

  • Sam Roberts IADA 2016 ChairmanChairman's Message

    Sam Roberts
    Roberts Motors Inc., Alton

    My Focus As Chairman

    On behalf of the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the IADA Website. This year IADA celebrates its 96th anniversary as an organization representing the interests of all Illinois franchised car and truck dealers. OUR LOBBYING EFFORTS ON YOUR BEHALF ARE SECOND TO NONE. Our industry is evolving, as we so often see at our conventions an

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    History of the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association
     The Illinois Automobile Dealers Association is the only trade organization representing all franchised car and truck dealers in Illinois.  In 1920 a group of car dealers from around the state of Illinois joined together to accomplish what a number of widespread local associations had been unable to accomplish. The automobile dealers believed the auto industry was capable of becoming a huge force and a more powerful and unified organization was needed to serve and protect its interests. As a result, the Illinois automobile Dealers association, the twelfth state automobile trade assoc

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Events & Announcements

Oberweis is Back! Repeal Sunday Closing
Senator Oberweis is once again attempting to open car dealerships on Sunday. This year's legislation is Senate Bill 2860, which allows for the sale of motor vehicles by licensed dealers on a any 6 days of the week - the licensed dealer can choose which day they want to close. 

All dealers should personally contact your State Senator's office and ask that they support the industry and vote against any repeal effort to eliminate the Sunday Closing Law. Please make sure your dealership voice is heard along with all of your employees. You can contact your state Senator here. Talking points are available here
Thanks for your support!
Federated Insurance: Distracted Driving..What is important to you?
YOU are important to US! - Please drive safely. Click here to watch the video. 

2016 Doc Fee - $169.27

Flood Titles - Important Notice from Secretary of State
Heavy rainstorms and flooding throughout the country within the past several months have resulted in the Secretary of State’s Office implementing its flood title process.  This means that vehicles that appear on the National Insurance Crime Bureau's (NCIB) database as known flood damaged vehicles must bear a "Flood” designation on the title.  It also means that vehicles that do not appear on the NCIB database, but were registered in a location that was declared a federal or state disaster area as a result of flooding will receive a flood title designation unless accompanied by a signed and notarized natural disaster disclosure statement signed by the previous owner declaring that the vehicle was not in a natural disaster area or was not damaged.  
Oppose the Ad Tax!
Illinois small business community won't survive another tax burden-say NO to a tax on advertising. Please use the following resources to oppose the AD Tax: 

Department of Revenue Presentation

CVR Now Offers NMVTIS Inquiry Service to all CVR Clients
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New SOS Rule - Dealers to Utilize ERT Program for Title & Registrations

$20 Lien Release Title
Click here to view details of the newly enacted IADA-sponsored legislation that creates a $20 lien release certificate of title.

Click here for the guidelines for the IADA-CVR program. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Fall 2015
Spring 2015

IADA-CVR Offer Best Option for Dealers Needing ERT