Call to Action: Help Repeal $10,000
Cap on Trade-In Allowance!

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Welcome to IADA! My name is Pat Manning, and I am the Chairman of your state association. We are asking for your help in repealing the $10,000 cap on trade-in allowance. IADA has provided a very easy way to participate in the legislative process by contacting your respective legislators and Governor about this issue through this IADA Advocacy Campaign link. Please click on the link below to go to our campaign, where we've provided an email message and a very quick way to send it to your respective legislators and Governor. Please feel free to share this link with your employees and customers so they can express their concerns as well. You can forward the link via email and share on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Click here for the IADA Advocacy Campaign Link


1 Jul

Jul 1, 2019

New Title Fees

New Title Fees will take effect beginning July 1st 2019. Please make sure you program your DMS System with the New Title Fee on July 1st 2019. Click here to view the latest fees.

14 Nov

Nov 14, 2019

IADA Board of Directors Fall Meeting

November 14-15, 2019
The Ritz Carlton - Chicago


Seats saved for the 1st 20 each month.
Click here for the 2019 maximum allowable documentary fee.
The Attorney General's Office advises on the most common motor vehicle advertising violations, click on post to continue reading.
The same advertising rules that apply to TV, radio, and print advertising also apply to material on dealership websites.  Recently, several dealer website advertising violations have been brought to IADA's attention.

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