Rohrman Group’s Oak Brook Toyota Helps Families Get on the Road to Independence

When Oak Brook Toyota sales associate Albur Youseff met Dave MacArtney for the first time, he didn’t realize that a valuable relationship was forming.

MacArtney is the Director of Program Housing at Bridge Communities, a DuPage County not-for-profit that provides housing and services to qualified area families that have become homeless. In most cases, Bridge families are headed by a single mother who has fled domestic violence and can no longer afford DuPage County housing costs. In many cases, clients are also in need of a vehicle to get to and from work.

“Having reliable transportation in DuPage County is a necessary part of being self-sufficient,” MacArtney explains. “Unfortunately, many of the families in our program do not have access to a car or have cars that become inoperable. Not having a car can be a barrier to getting into the program but also a barrier to reaching the goal of being self-sufficient.”

Youseff and MacArtney first met over a year ago when MacArtney came in to inquire about a pre-owned car he spotted online. Together with Oak Brook Toyota general manager Alex Syed, the three worked together to confirm the auto was the best one possible for a new Bridge family and within Bridge’s budget. An Oak Brook Toyota mechanic inspected the vehicle and MacArtney drove it to the new family the same day.

“It was very humbling to be involved in this process,” says Syed. “That car could probably have been sold for more, but it’s never about just one car.”

Since that time, Youseff and Syed have identified and researched an estimated 20 vehicles to ensure they were appropriate and affordable for Bridge clients. Six passed inspection and were subsequently sold to Bridge Communities. That’s six families that are now on the road to independence, thanks to this team.

“Finding a reliable car in our price range is a challenge,” MacArtney says. “Having someone who knows what our needs are and who will contact me when a suitable car is worth checking out is a major time saver. Also, being able to trust the person who knows when there is a good deal, is additional peace of mind. The relationship we have with Alex and Alber not only saves us time but helps our clients get the best car possible. That ultimately gives a family the opportunity to thrive.”

In addition to this initiative, the Rohrman Group has a long history of community service starting with its founder, Bob Rohrman, who was heavily involved in many philanthropic ventures. The Rohrman Group has donated tens of millions of dollars over the years to local charities.

If you are a dealer who is interested in helping Bridge Communities provide affordable vehicles to families in need, please contact Bridge Communities at 630-545-0610.

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