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Giving Back to the Community is Dan Hecht Auto Dealership’s Cornerstone

For the family-owned Dan Hecht auto dealership, giving back to the community is a cornerstone of their everyday business. The Chevrolet and Toyota dealership in Effingham, IL dedicates every month to an individual cause or organization in the area so they can make a positive impact wherever possible.  

“We have always been very community minded,” said Lori Worman, E-Commerce Manager. “Our team wants to make sure the people in our community that come to buy cars know their hard-earned money is going back to the people that they care about.”  

Some notable efforts to give back include the annual “Souper” event in support of Breast Cancer Awareness in October as well as supporting the annual Christmas store with Catholic Charities. 

For the Souper event, the dealership opens to the community to serve a “soup-off” lunch to raise funds for local charities supporting women battling breast cancer. The event’s judges include those impacted by breast cancer, such as survivors and their medical teams.  

Every Christmas the dealership invites the community to donate brand new coats, mittens, toys and more to the Christmas store hosted by Catholic Charities, where people can shop for something special for their kids. 

“It’s done with a lot of dignity, so those shopping can get something special for their kids and reduces the stigma,” said Tammy Lakin, Community Relations Manager. 

Other causes and organizations the dealership supports includes Fear Nothing (providing gift cards, blankets and more to people undergoing cancer), the local 4H projects, collecting toys for St. Louis’ children hospital and more. Even staff members in need can be supported by the dealership during hard times. 

Dan Hecht’s dedication to the community doesn’t stop at fundraising. They are working to build the next generation of employees and business leaders. Dan Hecht hosts trading school days for local schools and colleges, where participants can learn to run their own business, along with continued efforts with the area trade schools. The dealership also provides internships and scholarships for students learning about the service department. 

“We are cultivating our future workforce, especially service technicians, through these programs,” Tammy Lakin said. “Our seasoned veterans help to educate and train the next generation of service technicians and help them build a stable career.”  

To learn more about Dan Hecht and the work they are doing in the community, visit them online

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